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Getting Started?

Just getting your real estate business operations up and running? Not a problem, the team at DIY has your back!

We offer a number of services that can help suit your current business needs and grow as your business grows.

Whether it’s…

  • Finding the right skip trace provider to enrich your campaigns…
  • Having the necessary virtual assistant support to aid in backend operations…
  • Providing a trained and tenured Cold Caller to convert cold prospects into leads…
  • System integrations & automation Or consulting on wholesaling real estate in any market…

Choose a package that best suits your current business needs, and develop a roadmap for scale!


How Can DIY Wholesaling Help?

Save time by offloading & delegating to a DIY Agent.

Scale your Acquisition & Disposition efforts at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee.

Remove the headache of managing & training your own VA’s.

Cut costs & reduce your overhead, while still getting increased productivity across your business.

Build Your Own Bundle

real estate business operations

Dispo Your Deal

Whether you’re new to real estate and still building your brand, or new to a market and looking to get in touch with the right players – DIY’s network of over 2 million qualified buyers nationwide makes moving any deal in any market easy. Submit your deal today to see if your property can be Dispo’d for a quick and easy close

SMS Manager

SMS marketing can be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. It allows your team to get in touch with as many prospects, in as quick of a timeframe as possible. Don’t waste your staff’s time and valuable resources when a trained SMS Manager can qualify your SMS leads at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee!

Cold Caller

As an investor and entrepreneur – it’s crucial to be focused on the tasks that play the biggest role in contributing to the growth of your business. Let the team at DIY focus on the mundane – and you just focus on closing more deals and exceeding your revenue goals!

real estate business operations

DIY Consulting

If you’re looking for an on-demand course and video library, then this is not the place for you. Our tenured staff has collected over $1M in assignment fees and scaled multiple wholesaling businesses to reach 6 & 7 figures – where we take those years of expertise and hard lessons learned to get hands-on with you or your team. Our goal is to greatly expedite your path to success regardless of geolocation, available capital, and market conditions.

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Save Time, Reach Scalability, & Exceed Your Revenue Goals With A Highly Trained DIY Agent!