SMS Manager Package

Qualify More Leads In Less Time with the Power of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. It allows your team to get in touch with as many prospects, in as quick of a timeframe as possible.

The cause and effect of that strategy however are making sure you have the necessary time and staff to accommodate for the qualification of leads and inbound traffic. And just like any other marketing channel, qualifying cold prospects through SMS takes a lot of no’s & F Off’s before you can uncover the motivated sellers… 

Don’t waste your staff’s time and valuable resources when a trained SMS Manager can qualify your SMS leads at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee!


What's Included

SMS Manager

Dedicated SMS Manager

SMS Manager

Agent Productivity & Campaign Reporting

SMS Manager

SMS Lead qualification

Hot Leads & Motivated Sellers Delivered Daily

Inbound & Engaged Lead Call Traffic Handled

SMS Templates Provided

How It Works

SMS Cold Prospecting & Qualification

Save yourself the headache of dealing with unmotivated sellers and let a trained SMS manager work on qualifying and converting cold prospects through our proven SMS marketing strategies.

Proven Follow Up Strategy

Exclusive DIY Wholesaling campaign sequences & SMS follow-up strategies that are guaranteed to generate more qualified leads and convert more closed deals

Inbound Calls & Engaged Prospect Calls Handled

Our trained staff handles all inbound call traffic, as well as engaged prospect calls for proactive lead qualification

Systems Provided or Bring Your Own Systems

We give your team the flexibility to either use our systems for all SMS campaigns, or we will adjust to your current setup to make onboarding quick and easy. Same-day delivery for all setup and campaigns!

Service Price


For all SMS Manager Packages – we give your team the flexibility to have our agent use your tool, or you can feel free to use our solution to deliver and manage SMS Campaigns at no additional cost 🙂

You can bring a list that is already skip traced and prepped for a campaign, or you can use our skip tracing service DIY Data for an additional fee.

We provide pricing options based on list size per campaign, as well as part-time and full-time monthly subscriptions. For more details, please visit our pricing options on our SMS Manager Package page

No, there is a charge of $0.02 per message delivered. We will send an invoice following the completion of the campaign that will be due once the campaign is complete. A detailed report to show the cost of the campaign & breakdown of messages delivered will be provided as well with that invoice.