Cold Calling Packages

Generate more leads & save time with A DIY Agent

In today’s competitive real estate market, speed and volume have never been more critical. Those who are able to get in touch with as many prospective sellers as possible, as well as consistently nurture those relationships with prospective sellers, are the ones who will survive this cutthroat market. Doing so effectively, however, demands time, resources, and energy exhausted into mundane tasks and activities that can be easily offloaded.

Why A DIY Agent


Receive a detailed report on Agent productivity and campaign performance to easily understand your ROI with DIY.

English & Spanish Proficient

All DIY Agents have excellent communication skills in both English & Spanish proficiency. We carefully vet our agent's ability to handle quality conversations in any market across the United States.

SMS Trained

For a small monthly fee, our Cold Callers are equipped to manage your SMS campaigns & qualification to add an additional marketing channel to your campaigns.

Professionally Trained

All DIY Agents are required to have multiple years of call center experience, as well as endure a month-long training engagement to understand Real Estate Investing, Wholesaling, Listings, & Creative Financing.

A White Glove Lead Generation Service

All of our cold calling packages include handling the nurturing and following up of leads that are not yet qualified to make an offer. We also provide all the systems and upkeep of software to save you money and time wasted in battling with support tickets.

How It Works

Cold Prospecting & Qualification

Save yourself the headache of dealing with unmotivated sellers and let a trained DIY agent work on qualifying and converting cold prospects

Proven Follow Up Strategy

Exclusive DIY Wholesaling campaign sequences & follow-up strategies that are guaranteed to generate more qualified leads and convert more closed deals.

Lead Nurturing

Our trained agents help to nurture relationships with cold prospects throughout every stage of the transaction until they are ready to engage in a sale, making sure to let no lead slip through the cracks

Systems Provided

We provide the dialer, you give the list. Our simple setup and speed to deliver our service is our top priority, why wait?

Cold Calling Snippets

Monthly Subscriptions

Add-on Packages

Custom Dials Per Day Available


For all Cold Calling Packages, all clients must use our systems. If needed, we can set up a direct integration from our dialer to your CRM for no additional fee

You can bring a list that is already skip traced and prepped for a campaign, or you can use our skip tracing service DIY Data for an additional fee.

We provide pricing options based on list size per campaign, as well as part-time and full-time monthly subscriptions. For more details, please visit our pricing options on our Cold Calling Package page