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DIY Wholesaling is redefining the way US based businesses and solo entrepreneurs treat their international contractors. We believe in creating and maintaining a work environment that allows for inclusion, creativity, and opportunities for career growth and development.

These are exciting times at DIY Wholesaling, and we would be nowhere without our virtual team across the globe.

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“I want my team’s creativity and input to be felt throughout the company. This has created a unique culture that has attracted some of the best talents worldwide. Having a clear structure, rules, and clear communication from the day they enter the company helps solve these challenges.” 

-Kyle C.

Our Management Team

Jessica Mata

Human Resources Manager

Omnia Salem

Acquisitions team leader

Andrews Mariano

Head of Data and Systems Manager

Mahmoud Hamdy

Head of Digital Marketing

Our Lead Generation Team

Ahmed Mohamed Wafik

QA Auditor

Nazli Hussain Khorshed

Follow Up specialists

Ahmed Mohamed Hussien

Follow Up specialists

Sherihan Mohamed

Follow Up specialists

Nadeen Deyaa Nour Eldin

Cold Callers- ACQ

Menna Rehan

Cold Callers- ACQ

Aisha Alaa

Cold Callers- ACQ

Our Data Team

Yara Ghoniem

Data Specialist

Hesham Nabil

Data Specialist

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