Dispo-Your-Deal Package

Increase Your Deal Profit in a Fraction of the Time

Anyone can find an interested buyer in today’s hot seller’s market. However getting in front of the right qualified buyer that has tenure, capital, and ability to close quickly is the key to getting the most $$ for your deal. 

Whether you’re new to real estate and still building your brand, or new to a market and looking to get in touch with the right players – DIY’s network of over 2 million qualified buyers nationwide makes moving any deal in any market easy.

Submit your deal today to see if your property can be Dispo’d with our team for a quick and easy close!


How It Works

Dispo Your Deal

Marketing Your Deal

Have your deal marketed to over 2 million buyers nationwide and multiply your exposure

Dispo Your Deal

14 day Commitment to DIY

Our 14 day SLA to find a qualified buyer for your deal is adequate time for our team

Negotiations Handled

Our founders handle all negotiations with prospective buyers to make sure your team gets the most profit for your deal. We don't get paid until you get paid guaranteed.

Transaction Coordination Assistance

Whether you are a title state or attorney state, we work with your closing team to ensure you are working with people you trust & the process runs smoothly.

Why Dispo With DIY

Increased Deal Viewership

Get your deal in front of over 2 Million qualified buyers nationwide and benefit from competitive price bidding to exceed your asking price

Keep More $ In Your Pocket

Avoid the nickel & dime JV’ers who take unfair splits and take advantage of your hard earned work deal generation. Our team takes a fraction of your margin and will move your deal in half the time.

Work with your closing team

Whether you are an attorney or title state, we will work with your team to assist in the closing of your deal and ensure a smooth transaction.

No long term contracts

Our 14-day dispo guarantee avoids the risk of delayed due diligence and putting your team’s contract at risk with the seller.

Service Price


Our team will find a qualified buyer and work with your team throughout the transaction coordination process. The client is responsible for bringing their own legal counsel or title company. If you do not have one, our team will provide recommendations.

There is a $250 termination fee?
You are bonded for 14 days with our team?

We will work with your title company or attorney for the transaction coordination piece.

There is a flat service fee of $100 Per Deal, or a monthly subscription option for those looking to move multiple deals per month. There is an additional profit split share of 15% of the assignment fee due at time of closing. For more detail, please visit our pricing options on our Dispo-Your-Deal Package page

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