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within their business.


At DIY Wholesaling  – we help real estate investing professionals gain financial freedom and independence within their business. Whether you are a new or tenured real estate investor – our proven systems and trained staff provide a variety of services focused on scaling your business, doing more deals, and exceeding your revenue goals

real estate investing


Rising Construction & Acquisitions Costs

Rising Costs

Rising construction & supply costs are making acquiring
the right deal at the right price even more difficult.

No Inventory, No Projects

No Inventory

Lack of inventory means
lack of projects to work
on. It also means more
competition when bidding for

Paying The Middleman

The Middleman

Finding a discounted deal
has never been harder,
where relationships with off market sources such as an agent or wholesaler are necessary to get access to the discounted deals.

Overpaying For Deals Increased Risk In Your Investment

real estate investing
real estate investing
real estate investing
real estate investing


Cold calling Package

Those who are able to get in touch with as many prospective sellers as possible, as well as consistently nurture those relationships with prospective sellers, are the ones who will survive this cutthroat market. Doing so effectively, however, demands time, resources, and energy exhausted into mundane tasks and activities that can be easily offloaded.

Let the team at DIY focus on the mundane – and you just focus on closing more deals!

DIY CRM Packages

Do yourself a favor…and skip the lead management in spreadsheets! Any successful business is built off of a foundation of an organized sales pipeline and proper lead management…without sales & revenue, there is no business!

This is why we decided to deliver a custom CRM built by Real Estate Professionals and made for Real Estate Professionals. Our system gives new investors & wholesalers an easy-to-use User Experience and provides a framework & roadmap for scale.

investor Package

Our Investor Package gives our real estate investing clients a fully operational and easily scalable acquisitions engine to generate consistent deal flow month over month.

The DIY Wholesaling team will oversee and manage your systems, virtual assistants, campaigns, and data to source off-market motivated sellers for your business close each week.

Everything is handled in-house at DIY, giving you a full-time acquisitions team for a fraction of the full-time cost.


"They helped me set up everything from A-Z - my systems, VA's, get the data....they gave me all the coaching I needed, taught me how to run the numbers, how to run comps etc...I started from 0 and they gave me all the information I needed... "

Scott's Results In First 4 Months:
4 Closed Deals - 230 Leads - $28K in Revenue
Scott R.
Sunshine Home Offers

Rashida R.  | K & R Property Group
Target Markets | FL, HI, GA
DIY Services | Part-Time Cold Caller & DIY Basic CRM


Tee Simmons has been working with us for the last two months and has 6 contracts under agreement out in her target market of CT, with also doing some campaigning in NYC

DIY Services | Full Time Cold Caller Package & DIY Basic CRM Package & Data Management Package & Consulting Engagement Package


Our mission is to eliminate the amount of time and energy wasted in the pursuit of finding your next deal.


With a combined 7 years of experience in building & scaling real estate investing businesses, and over $1.4M in revenue – our team of professionals gives our clients the blueprint to scaling an RE business to 6 & 7 figure heights.


DIY Wholesaling provides data-driven results to give your business the boost it needs to stay ahead of the competition Our mission is to eliminate the amount of time and energy wasted in the pursuit of finding your next deal.


Kyle Connor

CEO & Founder

Josh Pfeiffer


Chris Conner


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